News: Different Types of Photography

Different Types of Photography
  • Aerial- standing tall above the subject, or shooting from a tall building, plane, etc...
  • Architecture- shots of buildings (no people)
  • Artistic- any shot of a subject where creativity is the number 1 goal.
  • Black and White - aka... B&W, working with no color.
  • Camera Phone- low quality, anytime, anywhere photography.
  • Event- Concerts, large parties, gatherings.
  • Macro- photographing very small, or very up close images. Very detailed.

Different Types of Photography

  • Nature- Land, water, plants and animals.
  • Panoramic- Wide view of the subject (often used with large group shots, or landscape shots)

Different Types of Photography

  • Underwater- any subject captured underwater... Caution- must have waterproof camera, or waterproof housing for your camera.

No matter the type of photography, the point is to have fun, and to be able to look back on your images and remember important moments in life. But my point is, might as well make them the best "looking" moments as possible =) So as for photography just for a "hobby" no need to worry yourself wondering what type of picture your taking, as long as you're enjoying it. No harm in learning some interesting photography terms though, maybe you can sound like a pro too!

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My favorite is definitely macro but really like getting lost in just about any type of photography, except underwater. Great post!

yeah Macro is great! Have you tried any wide angle lense shots? I'm about to purchase a camera that has a built in wide angle lense, so i'll be sure to post pics! Very excited!

I did a fair amount of wide angle with my trusty old 35mm Canon. I really like my little Olympus that DH and DS got me for Mother's Day a couple years ago and I have gotten some really great shots with it. But I also really want a DSLR camera to get back into more photography like I used to be.

photos brought memories back to life, i love pixels

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